No trace. I feel so sad for both families. I am reminded twice a year in February and then again in September of this case. My father went missing in September of 2005. In my case my dad was found and I have closure. Not the closure I was looking for, but at least I know what happened. I can’t imagine the pain these families have endured these past 14 years and 7 months. I hope they try to embrace everyday and do what makes them happy. It was hard for me to be happy. I know what pain feels like, but not knowing is probably the worst feeling in the world. More attention needs to put forward here. I live a few miles from south street and I’m wondering if Viking bakery is still in Ardmore. Sending my deepest heartfelt hugs to their families. I know exactly what they mean when they say… “I think of them every single day”
C. Weber, September 19, 2019

August 29, 2019:
Richard’s 50th birthday

We miss you each and every day – your absence is most felt on days like this. I am wishing for a beautiful shooting star to you in the heavens. Happy 50th Birthday to you, Richard. Love, Rosemarie
Rosemarie Bonavitacola, August 28, 2019

Dad it feels like yesterday we would be driving to mommoms singing along with bruce or heading to the park to play tennis. You taught me so many things that will carry on with me for the rest of my life. Your birthday just past but there is nothing to celebrate without you here but the memories that will be in my heart forever. There is not a soul on earth that could amount to the love I hold inside my heart for you,you are my father. my idol and my best friend. my heart will never mend until we find justice ill see you tonight in my dreams daddy.
Angela, repost from September 22, 2006

As I stare at the ocean my mind wanders and I see you in a daydream memory. Standing at the water’s edge I see a young boy at play in the surf. You are beautiful with hair as gold as the rays of the sun and bluegreen eyes the color of the ocean. You are perfection in motion and at home in your surroundings. You never stop smiling and your joy is infectious. You seem to know everyone and everyone knows you. You are a wonder to behold as you move with the ease and grace of a young athelete. For only an instant I lose track of my golden boy and fear fills my heart. But then I see him further down the beach. He is walking and holding hands with an older man. I recognize the sweet face and loving eyes of his grandfather as they walk off into the distance away from me… away from us who are left behind. This is my dream and this is my birthday wish for you my son, that you are now safe and at peace in the warm embrace of your grandparents’ love.
Richard Petrone, repost from August 29, 2006

NEWS: Renewed Effort In Pennsylvania To Resolve Missing Persons Cases With Help Of NaMus

August 26, 2019. A puzzling case for police has been the disappearance of Richard Petrone and Danielle Imbo from South Street in 2005. The couple is listed in NaMus. Read more
I feel that this case has not been publicized enough. I have seen the show once and am only really aware or reminded of the case because Danielle was part of my friends band. We need to get more people to see this case. I pray that they are found soon.
Jen, June 25, 2019
I’ve just watched “Disappeared” on IT it’s so scary and sad!! i can’t believe what family and friends feel now…i’m so sorry best regards,
klaudia from Poland, February 22, 2019
This is such a tragic case. It seems there is so little evidence to go on and must be terribly frustrating. I know all info cannot be disclosed in a TV show but it seems unlikely somebody would attempt to abduct them on a busy road. If they did make it over the bridge, I would be interested to know if her apartment parking lot/area was thoroughly checked. That seems the place to wait if you wanted to find them after they left Abilene’s.
Jack Dee Jordan, February 19, 2019
Dear Richard – thinking of you today. Another year has gone by… just know that we love you, that we miss your presence in our lives. Love, Rosemarie
Rosemarie, February 19, 2019
Margie and Rich…February 19th is upon us…Another year of heartbreak, emptiness and despair…May Our Lord continue to give both of you strength until closure is found…May Danielle and Richard be at peace wherever they are…Please know so many share in your sorrow…
Alyce, February 19, 2019

February 19, 2019 marks year 14 of Richard’s disappearance

I have always taken this case into account, it would be imprudent and would provide a false hope without serious information. The best thing is to respect the process of the family. However, I will never stop consulting the sources of information and I will be aware until there is a closure, that it will give them peace.
Martin, February 7, 2019
I just saw the Disappeared show on Richard and Danielle. I was wondering how far back carfax reports go and if anyone has ever tried running a Carfax report on the vin of the missing truck.
Marilyn, January 21, 2019
Prayers and hope are sent to both Richard and Danielle’s did not deserve what you both got the 19 of feb 2005 , both amazing parents and loving family members you will be missed and praying your case will be solved.
Clara, January 4, 2019
Watching crime show on Oxygen. I hope someone looked into the possibility it could have been the work of Israel Keyes? This is scary similar. So sorry guys. Know there are thousands out here that will never forget. Law enforcement will figure this out. They always do.
Dino, January 1, 2019
Just heard about them on an ID discovery program in Mexico, praying for their return
Jesus, December 19, 2018
I’ve just watched a document regarding Richard and Danielle case. I cannot even imagine how strong pain feel the families of those two every day. I will pray for all of you and I’m really hope one day you will find out what happened. Regards from Poland, Joanna
Joanna, October 24, 2018