Richard Petrone: Missing Since February 19, 2005

August 29, 2015: Richard’s 46th Birthday

Dearest Marge, Rich and Family, words cannot express the sadness that is felt for you and your family. The loss of your beautiful son Richard is monumental, the heartache is always with you. Please know that our thought are with you on the anniversary of your special sons 46th birthday. 46 years ago God gave you a beautiful gift may Richard continue to be close to your Heart forever, With all our Love, Cass,Tom, & Matt xo
Cass Fay, Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dearest Richard, I just read your Dad’s amazing note to you and I too want to say that my thoughts and prayerful wishes are with you on your 46th birthday. I too hope you are at peace and looking down upon your family with love and gratitude. Love, Rosemarie
Rosemarie Bonavitacola, Friday, August 28, 2015

As I stare at the ocean my mind wanders and I see you in a daydream memory. Standing at the water’s edge I see a young boy at play in the surf. You are beautiful with hair as gold as the rays of the sun and bluegreen eyes the color of the ocean. You are perfection in motion and at home in your surroundings. You never stop smiling and your joy is infectious. You seem to know everyone and everyone knows you. You are a wonder to behold as you move with the ease and grace of a young athelete. For only an instant I lose track of my golden boy and fear fills my heart. But then I see him further down the beach. He is walking and holding hands with an older man. I recognize the sweet face and loving eyes of his grandfather as they walk off into the distance away from me… away from us who are left behind. This is my dream and this is my birthday wish for you my son, that you are now safe and at peace in the warm embrace of your grandparents’ love.
Richard Petrone, originally posted on August 29, 2006

February 19, 2015: 10 Years

To Richard Petrone’s family, I’ve never gone to a website like this. I never forgot about your story since it began, never stopped thinking about the families, the children robbed of their parents. It’s tragic and infuriating to the public,for you it is inhumane torture. If only people caring was powerful enough to move this mountain-I wish it could be done. Richard is almost exactly my age, I think of my kids and parents – my heart breaks for you. It doesn’t fix anything, but please know there are those of us who think of you and wish you love and courage. Kristin
Kristin, February 23, 2015

‘Promising’ leads in cold case involving disappearance

“We feel this was an orchestrated act,” said Christian Zajac. “We need to be open to all possible leads out there.” “I think the leads we have uncovered over the past two years confirm out thoughts that this is an act carried out by more than one person,” noting that follow-up interviews with those questioned years ago were likely. Alongside FBI investigators were New Jersey State Police, Burlington County and Mount Laurel law enforcement authorities — all of whom investigated the initial disappearance in 2005 before the FBI entered the case.
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FBI Makes Announcement Regarding Cold Case In Philadelphia

Matt Rivers has the details from outside the FBI offices in Center City, Philadelphia about a newly formed task force with representatives from local, state and federal law enforcement officers.
From, February 19, 2015

Angela Petrone had this locket, holding a photo of her missing father Richard Petrone Jr., placed on her bouquet for her walk down the aisle,

FBI takes new look at Philly couple missing 10 years

Investigators say they’re following up on promising leads in the case of a couple who vanished from a Philadelphia bar a decade ago. But they’re still asking the public for help. The FBI and local law enforcement agencies said Thursday they want to to put the 2005 disappearance of Petrone Jr. and his girlfriend Danielle Imbo back in the public eye and encourage anyone with information about the case to come forward.
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Was long-missing couple killed in a murder plot?

“Our interest is to bring resolution to this case and bring closure to the family,” FBI supervisory special agent J.J. Klaver told 48 Hours’ Crimesider. “There’s no reason the whereabouts of two people should remain unknown for ten years.” On Thursday, federal, local and state investigators announced the new initiative at a press conference, saying they’ve generated promising new leads in the past two years and asking the public to come forward with any information.
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This story touched my heart ten years ago. Over the past ten years I have thought about this story many, many times- it has never left my mind. Over the past ten years I have never forgotten their names or faces or their families and all the hurt those who loved Richard and Danielle go through on a daily basis still today. As this uncomfortable anniversary rears it’s ugly head another year- please know there are so many like me that are praying for your families to find the peace that you all deserve and need so much! Always in my heart, Emily
Emily, February 19, 2015

I’m encouraged by the recent news that Richie’s case has been reopened. Anyone that knew him knows what really happened. Richard was a family man all the way. He would have never deserted his family, friends and most important, his daughter Angela who he loved more then anyone in the world. He had more friends then anyone I ever knew and I was blessed to be one of them. Justice will be served. Love, Chris
Christopher F, February 19, 2015

There is a saying “Time Heals All Wounds”. I disagree. The wounds are still there. We are thinking of you today, Richard. We will never forget. I love you, Rosemarie
Rosemarie Bonavitacola, February 19, 2015

Whether its 10 years or 3,652 days ago, it feels like yesterday when this nightmare happened. Searching for you in woods, along rivers and in fields in this cold February weather. Trying to gather photos of you and make a tribute video because I didn’t know what to do with myself in my private time of despair. Confused, frustrated and saddened, not knowing where you were or what happened. Following the advice of psychics because the FBI was turning up nothing. It still makes no sense to this day. The people that know and love you will always know that it was not your choice to leave this world. What an evil senseless act, for anyone to decide to end someone else’s life, and get away with it. The only consolation, is that if I can remember that horror so vividly, I can also remember the great times we had as well. You were such a good man, father, son, cousin, uncle and best friend. I always be grateful for the gift of your friendship…and no one can ever take that away. I love and miss you, my buddy. TP
Tom Pelle, February 19, 2015

FBI on Petrone-Imbo Case: ‘True Cold Case’

On the 10th anniversary of their disappearance, investigators announced their continued commitment to solving the case. The case is now part of the FBI’s Cold Case Initiative, meaning more time and resources will be dedicated to the investigation. “We feel this was an orchestrated act. A 3,000 pound truck and two people do not simply go missing,” said Christian Zajac, an agent with the FBI’s criminal branch division. “It is unlikely based on law enforcement experience that this was a simple crime of opportunity,” said FBI special Agent J.J. Klaver. “It also seems unlikely, although not impossible, that one person acting alone could pull this off so successfully.”
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10 Years Missing: Agony for Richard Petrone’s Family

“My wedding,” sighs Angela Petrone McNally. “That day it was really hard to hold back.” The void on the 24-year-old woman’s wedding day was evident. No dad for the father-daughter dance. No dad to give a speech reminding her new husband to take care of his little girl. No dad to give her away with a walk down the aisle. Angela’s father, Richard Petrone Jr., vanished 10 years ago.
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I sit here with my fingers on the keys willing them to type something that will ease your pain. They fail me. As I read over the posts from previous years and now the new ones I am filled with such anger and sorrow that it tests my faith. I know this is all God’s plan but it makes no sense to me. All I can do is continue to pray and hope he will answer. My heart hurts for you today and everyday.
Diane Price Meyer, February 19, 2015

i used to work at gillanes restaurant basically right next door from viking pastries. i was a few years younger than richie but became pretty friendly. he was really friendly with all the guys that worked at gillanes when i worked there. actually ended up going to a couple of shows together cause of similiar taste in music. he was a very sweet, cool, funny guy but what i most remember about him which stayed with or without this tragedy was an image i saw many times of him walking his daughter into the shop or i believe if my memory serves me he had a place on top of the shop. he would have his hand on her back and he always came across to me as such a loving father. i didnt know richie in any real personal way but he struck me as a man of character and talented too. my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends and loved ones.
Chris Connell, February 16, 2015

Dear Rich and Marge and Family, Just wanted you to know we are thinking about you on this very sad day. Grief cannot be shared ..Everyone carries it alone, His own burden, His own way … Always With Love, Cass,Tom, and Matt xoo
Cass Fay, February 16, 2015

I was moved to tears this evening when I was on 202 and saw this couple show up on the billboard. Then tonight on the news. I think of them often and pray that they will be found. My prayers are with your families, I pray this will all be solved. Yours in Christ,
JoAnne, Monday, February 16, 2015

After 10 Years, Still No Sign of Richard Petrone and Danielle Imbo

Where are Richard Petrone and Danielle Imbo? For 10 years, it has been a question with no answer for their family, friends and police investigators. Petrone’s parents, Richard Sr. and Marge, reflected on the painful anniversary Tuesday. “I lost my son, so I don’t know I’ll ever have closure, but I do know that I want justice for Richard and Danielle,” said Marge Petrone.
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Richard PetroneTaken: FBI looks at case of couple who disappeared without a trace 10 years ago

“One day, we are going to have justice in this case,” Richard Sr. said. In coming weeks, the FBI and law-enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey plan to throw additional resources and man hours at the case again. Investigators hope that after 10 years, new leads will be uncovered or old leads will somehow reveal something new.
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Richard PetroneNew FBI Task Force Probes Imbo-Petrone Disappearance

Petrone’s mom, Marge and his dad, Richard, told CBS 3’s Walt Hunter they are holding onto hope that the case will be solved. “Somebody has to pay for this, you can’t just kill two people for no reason,” Marge Petrone explained, as she held tightly to her husband’s hand. “The FBI said it’s murder for hire, and we’re treating it as murder for hire, that’s what I believe it is,” explained Richard Petrone.
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Richard Petrone10 Years Later: FBI Revisits Cold Case of Missing Couple

A decade after a couple left a South Street bar and disappeared without a trace, officials are now revisiting the case. FBI agents are adding more resources and man hours in the investigation of Danielle Imbo and her boyfriend Richard Petrone, who went missing ten years ago. They are also re-interviewing people in connection to the disappearance.
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I have followed this mystery from the first time I heard it on the news in 2005. It is beyond the scope of belief and understanding. To both families I send to you my heartfelt sympathy. I have never been nor ever will be one to understand the evil deeds of others. I hope you continue to be strong and believe the answer is out there somewhere. I send to you my warmest thoughts and hope you find answers and peace.
C Sharpe, February 10, 2015

My heart aches for your family. Sending hugs and prayers from Illinois!
Debbie (Mathus) Brumley, February 10, 2015

With sadness in my heart for Margie and Richard, who have to go through this nightmare on earth….Prayers going up every day for closure for the Petrone and Imbo Families…Justice will be done…keep Hope in our hearts…Our Lord will see this through…
Alyce Patrone Penna, February 10, 2015

It will soon be ten years

I haven’t been on much of this past year. I suppose I didn’t have too much to say. We took a ride on august 29th to Asbury Park. Just your Mom and I. We strolled the boardwalk and watched the ocean. Had some lunch. Shed some tears. Remembered that day you came into our lives. We still miss you so.
Richard Petrone Sr., January 7, 2015

On Christmas eve 1968 as Frank Borman circled the moon he read from Genesis. Marge opened her stocking and found her diamond ring. We planned to marry at the end of junior year. A few weeks later during semester break of my sophomore year — surprise — we found out she was pregnant February 15, 1969 we were married. On august 29 I received the greatest gift ever. You were born. And what a gift you were. Just 13 months later your sister came into our lives. She was perfect. I return to those days more and more. My thoughts seem to turn backward. I miss you so.
Richard Petrone Sr., September 9, 2014

Emptiness. Sometimes I crawl in and can’t get out All my life I had tomorrows A chance A new day A new beginning It will soon be ten years
Richard Petrone Sr., September 9, 2014