Richard Petrone: Missing Since February 19, 2005

August 29, 2012: Richard’s 43rd Birthday

Dear Marge, Rich and the Petrone family, My thought and prayers go out to you today and every day wishing all peace in there souls, words could never express the feeling that i want to say please know i think of you all birthday wishes go out to richard on his 43rd birthday it was a special day when he was born…a beautiful person came onto this planet…he had so much to share with all. Love and xxxoooo, Cass, Tom and Matt Fay
cass fay, August 30

Remembering you today – the day you were born. Happy Birthday, Richard. Think of you all the time and still can picture your face smiling away at something or other. Say hello to my brother (Joebay) up there with you in heaven. Love, Rosemarie
Rosemarie Bonavitacola, August 29

oh very young what will you leave us this time…your only dancing on this earth for a short while…and though your dreams may toss and turn you now…they will vanish away like your dad’s best jeans…denim blue…faded up to the sky…and though you want them to last forever you know you never will…and the patches make the goodbye harder still…oh very young what will you leave us is time…they’ll never be a better chance to change our mind…and if you want this world to see better days…will you carry the words i will love you..will you?…will you ride the great white bird into heaven…and though you want to last forever you know you never will…and the journey makes the goodbye harder still…”cat stevens”…tomorrow…like every other day…i wish that your soul and spirit are at peace…my eternally young and beautiful nephew…luv aunt lisa xoxox
aunt lisa, August 28

Hello Rich, Marge and Christine, we think of you all often and will never forget that day. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all and will keep praying for justice to be served and questions to be answered. Richie always loved my dad, you all did. I miss him very much too. I remember the get togethers at Aunt Roe’s as young ones and remember visiting the bakery after dad passed and how much Richie would smile at the mention of Joe Bay. Please if you need anything we r here. Elaine Maria Laura Joey and Carlo
maria faragalli saddler, August 28

Dear Petrone Family, Every single day my thoughts drift to Rich over something…sports, music, our daughters, baking, but usually it’s something I know he’d have found hysterical. I still instinctively reach for the phone to share it with him. Man, I need to hear that laugh! I can only imagine the pain ya’ll are dealing with. Well, I’m constantly thinking about and praying for the Family. Hope it helps a little. I just really miss my friend. joe b.
Joseph Binstead, August 23

(Repost from 2009) Broken hearts and broken souls, shadows of what used to be. Not a day dawns without a tear in memory. Your heart, your spirit, your smile, your soul, the way your joy could fill a room are memories that carry us thru the day. The past is a comfort, a treasure to wrap our hearts around. But soon reality turns our thoughts to the loss…of a father, leaving his beautiful Angela to face a future without the love and strength only a dad can give. Of a brother, who never forgot what it meant to be a big brother to his sisters. Of a son, who made us a family and taught us what it meant to love someone more than you ever imagined. Of a young man on the verge of his true future. As your parents we could sense how you were pulling it all together, and its that loss and how your future was stolen that adds to the pain. But none of that can dim the memories…and so today we will gather to celebrate you and the joy you brought to all of us…our lives are better for you having been here. We love you…we miss you…happy birthday sweet prince …
Mom and Dad, August 29, 2009


There used to be a light for all the world to see
A gleam and a sparkle
That sprang from your heart and danced in your eyes
An open window to your soul
Along with your smile and your ready laugh
It was the essence of you
For years I loved that light in your eyes
But now that light’s a little dimmer
The sparkle’s not the same
Your eyes are a bit heavier
They show the price that’s paid
For the love of a child.
Rich Petrone, Wednesday, June 27, 2012

February 19, 2012
Marks the 7th Year of Richard’s Disappearance

Good morning Richard! I woke up today thinking of you — this time of the year is always so difficult — so many bad thoughts and memories. But I know you are at peace – I know it. I feel it. You are looking down at us and wanting so to tell your family that you are happy – you are at peace. We love you and miss you – always.
Rosemarie Bonavitacola, Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear Rich and Marge, You and Richard are in my prayers every day. Today is tough, and it’s hard to come up with the right words, but there are a lot of people sending you their thoughts, their prayers and their love to you, which matters more than words. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. With love from the Ballezzi family.
Ric Ballezzi Sr, Sunday, February 19, 2012

Still in our hearts, strong and true. You will live on in our lives and never be forgotten.
Rich Petrone, Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dear Marge, Rich and family, remembering you at this most sad time…always in my thoughts and prayers… With Love,
Cass and Tom Fay, Friday, February 17, 2012